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Don't Shark the Dolphins

By  Johan Middelthon

Did you know that pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America? As well as being a low-impact, inexpensive sport, it is lively and competitive and can be played by anyone.  Of course, there is pickleball, and then there is P3 Pickleball. “What’s the difference?” you ask. That’s what this book is all about.

Let go of “the old way” of playing pickleball and let the “P3 Way” guide you to the most fun and satisfaction you have ever experienced in the game. This book is for everyone from those just beginning their journey with the game, to those looking to master the sport. 

“Don’t Shark the Dolphins” teaches you tips and techniques with easy-to-understand terminology to help you improve your game. On court lessons are extended off the court with the P3 Pickleball Lifestyle, a philosophy taught through inspirational stories and perspectives on how we should consider carrying ourselves throughout our daily life.   Finally, it introduces “Turbo,” the revolutionary new Doubles’ strategy that is going to change the world of pickleball forever.

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