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Planet Saving Pickle People....

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Over the past year, P3 Pickleball  has worked to develop and launch a pilot of its revolutionary Pickleball Recycling Program.  Hundreds of Planet Saving Pickle People from facilities across the U.S.  joined the movement to create a more sustainable future for our sport and our world.   The response has been overwhelming, and we would like to thank all of our founding participants! 


With an eye to the future, P3 Pickleball has founded P3 Cares, a non-profit organization that will further develop and increase the recycling program's reach and accessibility with the help of donors, grants and corporate sponsors.   P3 Cares is dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness within the pickleball community, as well as the advancement and accessibility of the sport.

We are so excited about the future and would love for you to learn more about all the ways P3 Cares is working to impact our world.  

Visit to order a pickleball recycling bin for your local court, and to learn more about our mission to make a difference today!

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