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Planet Saving Pickle People....

Did you know that P3 Pickleball is currently the only company with the capability to recycle old, cracked, or damaged pickleballs?

Injection-molded pickleballs like the ones produced by Franklin Sports, Dura, Onix and Gamma are made with a thermoplastic molded resin.  This type of plastic is not able to be recycled by typical recycling centers.  Until recently, pickleballs everywhere were doomed to landfills, negatively impacting our environment.

P3 Pickleball has partnered with a top notch recycling provider to create a one of a kind pickleball recycling program that you can personally participate in, or bring to your local court.

Join your fellow Planet Saving Pickle People to help our environment, decrease your footprint and create a more sustainable future.

Contact us to learn how to recycle your cracked or used pickleballs, or to inquire about adding a Pickleball Recycling Console to your local court.

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