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P3 Pickleball seeks to foster the love of the game in new and experienced players alike. We provide private / group lessons and coaching with our state of the art P3 Philosophy so that players at all levels and ages can develop their skills and gain confidence in the strategy of the game.  We also host tournaments and skills clinics and offer consulting / hosting services for tournaments, events and corporate outings.  Hungry for a new adventure?  Set sail with the Black Pickle Adventure Company for your next Pickleball Destination Adventure.

Private and Group Lessons

Ready to take your game to the next level?  Whether you are a beginner or a long time player wanting to sharpen your skills, P3 Pickleball private and group lessons are the ideal way to improve quickly and confidently.

Lessons are individualized for first time beginners to the more advanced tournament player wanting to get to the next level.  Our specialized P3 philosophy incorporates a variety of teaching methods in each lesson using drills, demonstrations, court targets and game play scenarios, bringing players to higher levels by teaching strategic play and smart Pickleball. 

We offer single lessons, smart packs, and recurring lessons.  We also offer gift certificates.

Group Lessons can be up to 4 players.

Life Coaching






When people want to improve their pickleball game, the first thing they usually do is take a lesson. The same can be said when you are looking to improve any part of your life. What makes P3 Pickleball different is the focus on the whole person/team and not just the game. In addition to recycling programs, lessons, tournaments and clinics, P3 has a staff of Life Coaches to work with you on your journey toward living your best P3 life.  For more information, click here.

Skills Clinics / Tournaments

We offer many P3 Pickleball Skills Clinics and Tournaments throughout the year.   Follow us on Facebook or go to our Events page for the latest scheduled events.  Sharpen your skills and enjoy the Positive Power of Pickleball as you explore ways to take your game to the next level.

Can't make it to one of our scheduled clinics?  P3 instructors are available to visit your facility and host larger group lessons for more than 8 players, Private Skills Clinics, or even a small Tournament for your group.    

Event Management Services






Converting Tennis Courts into a Pickleball facility?  Interested in adding Pickleball members and groups to your private club?  Do you want to throw a Pickleball tournament and you just don't know where to begin?  You are in luck!  Contact P3 Pickleball.  We offer consulting and hosting services to help you navigate the fast growing world of Pickleball.

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Pickleball Travel Adventures





Merging the love of pickleball and adventure for players of all ages and skill levels, Our sister company, The Black Pickle Adventure Co sails out of Lake Norman, NC .  Come set sail with The Black Pickle Crew as you embark on your next Pickleball Travel Adventure.  We sail together to ports far and wide to challenge other Pickle Pirates in tournaments and weekends of fun.  Stay tuned for information on our next group adventure! 

Ready to get started?   Let's Talk.​

"I recently visited family in North Carolina and decided to sign up for a pickleball lesson with Johan Middelthon. I was experiencing ongoing frustration with my 3rd shot drop despite having been to a clinic and taken a couple of private lessons in the last 1.5 years.


Right from the beginning Johan was very optimistic and reassuring that he would be able to teach me 2 simple things to make my 3rd shot drop a success. His advice was different compared to prior instructions and I am happy to report very effective as my success rate has improved significantly.


Johan has a special talent for teaching. He is a great listener and focuses on what the student wishes to learn. He tries to keep the instruction to one topic at a time and does not overwhelm you with extemporaneous information. The more lessons you take with Johan the more instruction and advice you will receive but in a measured and paced manner that allows you to absorb the information. Johan likes to play with you as his partner so you can implement what you have just learned and he can give you immediate feedback. This is a very effective learning tool.


I highly recommend Johan for every pickleball player regardless of skill level.

His patience and encouragement will put a smile on your face!"     Susanne F.   Port Townsend, WA

“I’ve taken several of the skills clinics instructed by Johan Middelthon. He made learning a new skill fun, while letting us know that it was OK if we didn’t get it right the first time. He always gave encouragement, but let you know if a shot wasn’t correct, without being demeaning. It’s one thing to be good at sports, but it’s another to practice good sportsmanship. Both on and off the court, Johan is a true master at this.”    Carolyn S.  Denver, NC

"Like many others, I was addicted to pickleball the moment I had my first rally on the court. However, after a while, I could feel I was constrained in play and looked to Johan for private lessons.  I had watched him play with the various caliber of players and noticed, first, that he was excellent, but mostly he was in constant communication with his partners.  I also observed that the games he was in were played entirely differently, with more strategy a lot more dynamic, and a lot more fun.  Rallies lasted longer, and the game was different than what I was playing.

After lessons with Johan, my gameplay has improved significantly.  He is so very patient and encouraging.  The magic I find with him is that he can spot what has to be developed in my game and easily explains the adjustments I need to make.  We work on drills to hammer in the changes, and then Johan partners with me in games, coaching, to harden the development.  The best thing of all is how Johan fosters my confidence.  He reassures me to try different things and supports me through the whole process.  When I play without him, I hear his words of encouragement in my head. The lessons have changed how I approach the game, and I truly enjoy playing significantly more. "      Udit P.  Davidson, NC

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